Black Lives Matter

After being moved by the death of George Floyd at the end of May, 2020, something in me felt compelled to do something, just SOMETHING, to help the Black community here in France (where I now live) and back home in Britain where I grew up. 

Therefore, 100% of this month's profits (June 2020) will be donated to anti-racist charities in both countries. I hope you can help me fundraise as much as possible by purchasing my handmade jewellery.

I will update my website next month on the progress we made here at Helga Jewellery, so please come back and visit us soon.

Kindest regards,


Owner and Founder of Helga Jewellery

*** UPDATE *** (24th July, 2020):

After doing the important accounting, Helga jewellery raised 868EUR from last month's sales! This is fantastic news and the sum was split evenly and donated between two charities: Black Minds Matter in the UK and LICRA here in France (please go to Instagram and see proof of donations in the Stories' section)

The reason I chose Black Minds Matter is because I strongly believe that counselling is a great way to improve mental health and heal a lot of trauma. And knowing that mental health services are greatly underfunded in the UK, this charity's mission resonated deeply with me and I felt that the money donated to them would go far in making a positive impact for Black people seeking free counselling through this organisation. 

I picked LICRA here in France because of the antiracist work that they do. The charity provides a free hotline for people to report racist abuse and they do regular workshops in work places, too. On top of that, they also take part in school assemblies across France to educate students on their antiracism work. What they do is vital in dismantling racism on an individual, human level. I feel that the money donated to them would certainly help their efforts in promoting equity and fairness in the very unjust world that we live in. 

I want to thank each and every single patron who bought my jewellery last month! I am in awe of your compassion, thank you, thank you, thank you.

With the warmest regards,


Owner and Founder of Helga Jewellery